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The Chinese Edition Travel PhraseBook


With our Travel PhraseBooks You can Speak Native Language Everywhere you go!


Have you ever been frustrated while on vacation because you don’t speak the language?

Maybe even embarrassed?

image leftThere is really nothing worse than visiting The Great Wall of China and not being able to communicate in at least basic phrases, especially in a life threatening or emergency situation.

If you would like to enjoy yourself and get some local respect, at least attempt to communicate in the host countries language!

You may be thinking: oh, I can find someone who speaks ?nglish.

That is very possible these days, but what if you can’t?

Then the question will be…

What if you had only taken a few hours out of your time to learn basic communication skills?

One thing for sure: your trip would be so much more enjoyable and maybe you will gain some respect.

Learning just a little bit of another countries language can make your time there so much more enjoyable.

Get over 120 common travel phrases translated from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.
You will be able to learn medical, dining, shopping, travel and of course popular everyday phrases.

The following phrases are presented in MP3 format for your listening pleasure. Play them on any device that supports standard audio files.
Learn foreign languages by listening Travel PhraseBooks on your MP3 Player!Learn foreign languages by listening Travel PhraseBooks on your iPad!

Audio Sample of Chinese Travel Phrases

For those who like “visual” learning, MP4 format videos are also included.

You will be able to listen and “see” each phrase on you favorite video player of even on your SpartPhone.
Learn foreign languages visually on your favorite video player!Learn foreign languages visually on your favorite video player!

Here is our video sample of the Chinese-English PhraseBook


And this is our video sample of the English-Chinese PhraseBook


Still not convinced?

If you’d prefer to learn foreign language on your laptop or tablet, we have SPECIAL FREE BONUS for you – MS PowerPoint Presentations of all our PhraseBooks.

With PowerPoint presentation you can go back and forth with phrase-by-phrase and repeat them over and over again.

Learn foreign languages visually on your laptop or iPad!Learn foreign languages visually on your laptop or iPad


Let’s summarize what was said above!

That is exactly what you will be getting in the “Chinese Edition” of our Travel Phrasebook Package:

image right


    • Five (5) English to Chinese mp3’s
    • Five (5) Chinese to English mp3’s
    • Five (5) English to Chinese mp4’s
    • Five (5) Chinese to English mp4’s
    • Five (5) English to Chinese PowerPoint Presentations
    • Five (5) Chinese to English PowerPoint Presentations





image with caption

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* Please note this is an “instant digital download” product. You will be receiving your “Travel Phrases” package in zip format, which allows you to store on your computer for viewing at any time.



Thank you and happy traveling,

Your TravelPhraseBook.NET Team


Requirements: Any device that will play standard mp3 files. For the mp4 videos, Windows users may need the proper “Apple® video codec” installed. If you do not or do not want your system cluttered with “Apple Stuff”, we highly recommend the free VLC software available here. For the Microsoft® “Power Point” presentations you can get a free viewer from Microsoft® here. The digital product is deliveried to you in zip format, you can get a free zip utility here.